Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Lose weight for the health

Excessive obesity has a direct impact on health. It should now be clear to everyone. Thus, obesity can lead to heart and circulatory diseases and even cancer. Furthermore get knee and added joint damage, which can affect the movement additionally strong. Another and often underestimated problem are the psycho-social consequences. Especially in childhood and adolescence overweight people often experience discrimination and exclusion from the group. The consequences are personal withdrawal from social contacts and structures, which often ends up in depression. causes of obesity , the two main factors are deficient or unbalanced diet and too little exercise.

For many overweight people is added a metabolic disorder, which may be genetically predisposed, but can also be promoted by an unhealthy diet. Germany-wide studies indicate that one in three is too thick. To find out if a person is overweight or not, is usually the BMI (in German: body mass index) calculated a person.

Here, the body weight is measured in kilograms, calculated by height squared. The resulting factor is to ascertain whether a person is overweight or not. A value of <18 is considered underweight, a value between 18-24.9 normal weight and a value> 25 classified as overweight. combating obesity instructions for proper removal, there are many, and each has a different opinion.

Ultimately must be said that every person is an individual and therefore it can hardly be a diet that is fair to everyone. A medical examination should therefore be considered in all cases considered. Another option is to self-help groups for people with eating disorders. Awareness, not to be alone with his problem may already be the right motivation to decrease. The group support provides additional steadiness.